12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

I Love You Honey Bunny are an indie-pop band from Prague, Czech republic. Some people fancy their live sound and cheeky stage presence, others enjoy their approach to songwriting. If you like striking melodies and a lot of energy, I Love You Honey Bunny are the right choice for you. Their songs often reflect contemporary social and political issues. They have already toured central Europe, played a transatlantic tour in Canada and major festivals such as Sziget, Rock For People and Colours of Ostrava.

Their debut album Cosmic Background Radiation was released in October 2018 after the band’s five-year existence and five singles. Their highly-anticipated second album We Just Had a Wonderful Time was released in April 2023.

“I Love You Honey Bunny exuded energy on stage right from the first song. The audience started dancing immediately and got completely carried away after the first song. At the end the band received a loud applause.”
– Count Your Bruises Magazine (DE) –

We Just Had a Wonderful Time was composed during the global pandemic in Prague and Amsterdam. It was produced by Koen van der Wardt (Klangstof) and Steven Graham Ansell (Blood Red Shoes). It comes after 4 very long years.

“Just like everyone else, we have spent 2 and a half years of those 4, stuck in our apartments, forced to look inward. This time period was incredibly difficult for us especially because we found ourselves unable to effectively produce any new music. We were battling our own inner demons. Tackling one’s own mind might not seem such a tall task until the mind fights back.” – Sebastian (singer) –

This Album is a deep dive into the mind and its inner workings. It focuses on how society has finally seen the dangers of mental illness and makes large strides in the advancement of awareness, yet we still have a long and tough journey ahead of ourselves.

“No one should go into these battles alone and they should definitely not be afraid to let others know of their illnesses.” – Kristian (bass player) –

The album’s name has a double meaning. It is first and foremost a sarcastic response to all the heavy burdens people faced during the pandemic, but it is also a comment on the fun that the band had, working on the album.

It is about sculpting the music out of the sludge that we found ourselves in. And how truly enjoyable this experience has been in the end. – Martin (guitar player) –

I Love You Honey Bunny are:
Sebastian Jacques
Martin Šolc
Kristián Kraevski
Josef Keil

booking: Karolína Blažková
[email protected]
management: David Nguyễn