12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

Scotland’s Cold Years are heading to the Czech Republic as part of the European portion of the “A Different Life Tour”. The rock band with a touch of punk and pop from the gloomy town of Aberdeen will perform on 28th September at Café V lese.

Tickets are on sale now via GoOut: https://goout.net/cs/a-different-life-tour-cold-years/szyrhdx/

Some albums immediately transcend time and space, regardless of genre, while simultaneously capturing the very moment out of which they were born. It’s an incredibly difficult balance to get right, but with their third full-length, Aberdeen’s Cold Years have done just that. Because from the moment A Different Life blasts off with the pounding beat of opener “Over”—a riotous punk anthem about removing a toxic person from your life—this album manages to make sense of a world that’s lost most of it. Simultaneously, it also feels like the record you’ve been waiting for to fill the void in your life for your entire life.

That’s not to do disservice to the band’s two previous albums, 2020’s Paradise and 2022’s Goodbye To Misery. Both are heart-torn, emotionally intelligent, perceptive records, but there’s something truly special about this one. You can feel it in these songs. That’s something the band—Ross Gordon (vocals/guitar), Finlay Urquhart (guitar) and drummer Jimmy Douglas—noticed as well. “This is the first time I’ve ever come out of a studio able to listen to the tracks, where—and I say this 100% with conviction—we went in and did everything we wanted to do and more,” says Gordon. “I’ve never done that. I’ve always come out feeling like we could have done something better or different. But this album changed the game for all of us as a band. We’re all huge fans of music, and it covers a huge amount of ground. We didn’t just do twelve tracks that sound the same. We tried to make things a little different. That happened naturally, and it’s the most musical experience I’ve ever had. I definitely feel a confidence with this record that I didn’t feel on the others.”