12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

GHØSTKID’s music is a headlong dive into darkness and aggression. It aligns on new paradigms: baring its teeth while keeping a sense for catchy melodies. GHØSTKID is the new namesake of Sebastian “Sushi“ Biesler (formerly Eskimo Callboy) and a conspiracy of friends and likeminded allies who have come to a riot of their own: Steve Joakim (drums) from Sweden as well as Jan Marco Heinz (guitar) Chris Kisseler (guitar) and Stanislaw Czywil (bass).

After successful shows at Rock for People 2021 and 2022 and opening for Bad Omens at the hopelessly sold-out Lucerna Music Bar last year, GHØSTKID finally returns for his own headline show. It will be played on September 30 at Rock Café.

Tickets are on sale via GoOut: https://goout.net/cs/listky/ghostkid/whvx/.

The new noise commenced in October 2019 when Sushi picked up a guitar and started writing for GHOSTKID. GHØSTKID wasn’t merely an outlet – it was in his DNA. “I just followed my heart”, he says. At that point Sushi was inspired by a steady diet of Marilyn Manson, Fever 333 and Bring Me the Horizon, all of whom inspired him to meld together sundry sonic shades, touching on pop, metal, industrial and a hint of trap. It was the foundation for the shape of rock to come.

Once you immerse yourself in the layers of noise and ambition, it’s really no surprise that Sushi has successfully morphed into the entity known as GHØSTKID. “It leaves a lot of room for interpretations while you immediately associate certain imagery with it,” he says. Warning: this is music that doesn’t merely haunt your sensibilities. It’s a full-blown aural exorcism and a deafening harmony in your head.