12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

The indie singer with the perfect vocals and the new album “Inferno”, which she calls “a personal descent into hell and a collection of her demons wrapped up in five songs” will arrive on March 16th as part of her tour of the same name at Café V Lese

Premium ticket pre-sale for RfP app owners will be launched on 7 November at 11 am. The public sale starts on Wednesday, November 10 at 11 am. on GoOut: https://goout.net/cs/listky/halflives/gwfv/

Half way between pop and the nostalgia of mid-2000s alt rock, “Inferno” is a 5-song rending of the emotional turmoil singer/songwriter Linda Battilani navigated over the past few years. “I celebrate ‘Inferno’ as personal growth both as an artist and for my mental health”, she says when talking about the creative process behind the record, which she experienced as a freeing, limitless, boundary-crushing reinvention of herself. “It’s my way of saying ‘fuck it all’.”

Halflives exists to build community, create an outlet for emotion, and is about, in Linda’s own words “making music for the misfits, the rejected and those who feel left out”.