12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

The best post-millennial punk rock band in the world – that’s The Chats. Incredibly deftly, they skipped the almost inevitable banana peel of COVID-19 to emerge harder, faster, funnier, stormier and, in short, better in the years to come.
After their success at last year’s Rock for People festival, the band is heading to Prague. The Chats will play a concert on November 24th at MeetFactory.

Tickets on sale from April 19, 11am on GoOut: https://goout.net/cs/listky/the-chats+the-prize/hnxx/.

The trio, originally formed in Australia’s self-explanatory resort Sunshine Coast, are a once-in-a-generation band who reconnect popular music with its roots in ultra-raw rock ‘n’ roll, inject their own fresh perspective, and have duly made an instantaneous connection with their youthful peers right across the globe. Most people know them for their 2017 breakthrough banger, ‘Smoko’, but that has proved to be just the party-starter, merely the entrée to a high-volume, full-throttle world where intoxication, excitement and laughter rule supreme – the kind of kinetic thrills that have all but drained out of contemporary pop/rock.