18–20/6/2020 Hradec Králové

Ensuring the safe running of the festival is our priority.  Please be tolerant and allow our approach to help you experience a safe festival.  Be prepared for body searches and other security measures every time you enter the festival area, and follow the instructions of the security staff.  You will only be allowed to enter the camp with a valid wristband.  Building fires is not permitted throughout the whole Festivalpark, including the campsites.  Do not leave any valuables in tents or cars.  Security outside the festival grounds is looked after by the Municipal and National Police.

It is prohibited to enter the FestivalPark with any of the following:  drugs, toxic and narcotic drugs / professional cameras / video cameras / explosives or explosive substances / bottles, glass / umbrellas / firearms, cutters, knives, scissors / Food & beverages, unless required for medical reasons / cameras with tripod, professional telephoto equipment / oversized luggage / bicycles, scooters / alcohol / telescopic poles, including selfie poles / laser beam objects / animals / drones.

In the case of any unexpected events, always follow the orders of Police, Security and Fire Brigade. 

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