2021 Hradec Králové

Will RfP be held on 18-20 June 2020?
No, it won’t. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were forced to postpone the festival to next year. At the moment, we are negotiating an exact date and agreeing with the agents and management of the bands so that we can carry it out in the year 2021, preserving as much of the original line-up as possible.

What is the date for Rock for People 2021?

We are cooperating on a new date with festival headliners, managements, and agents. As soon as the date is decided upon, we will let you know.

Will the line-up be the same in 2021?
We are working on keeping as much of the current line-up as possible.

Can I somehow support the festival?
Please keep your already purchased ticket and accommodation for next year. With your decision, you will support not only the festival itself and the artists, but also a huge number of cultural workers who may not be visible, but without whom music festivals would not be possible. Or let’s meet at the upcoming concerts! We are preparing autumn events that you won’t want to miss.

I have a ticket and purchased accommodation; how does it become valid for the new festival date?
The ticket remains valid. By keeping them, you support not only the artists and the existence of the festival itself but also many of our colleagues who lost their jobs from one day to another – agents, sound and light engineers, technicians, production team, stage managers, bartenders, cleaners and much more. Thank you, in the name of all these professions.

I purchased a ticket in the JUNIOR category. Is it going to be valid?
Yes, these tickets also remain valid for next year, due to the circumstances we have decided to move the age limit.

Will it be possible to purchase tickets that are released by refund?
Yes, it will. As soon as we announce a new date, we will start the pre-sale of released tickets. We will announce everything in time so that you have the possibility of purchase.

Is the festival insured?
Yes, the festival is insured by default, however, the festival insurance only covers cases such as vandalism, theft, weather whims, injuries, so-called “cancellation insurance” or pandemic insurance by the Czech insurance company. Only a few insurance companies in the world mediate this insurance, yet even insured festivals are not sure of the insurance coverage, as happened to Hellfest.

Until when will it be possible to request a refund?
There will be enough time. As soon as we confirm the new date of the festival and the first artists, we will announce the deadline for a refund. Thank you.

I don’t want to go to the year 2021, how can I return the ticket?
We fully understand that the situation is not easy for any of us. If you need to return your ticket, we have prepared a form for you to apply for a refund. After registration, please be patient, we know about you and we will contact you within a few weeks with the refund procedure. In case of further questions, write to [email protected]

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