12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360


It’s up to you how you want to travel to the festival. Here are the available options and benefits that can be used. The coordinates of the festival park are 50°14’49.6″N 15°50’09.6″E


You can even arrive by bike. We have racks, and you don’t have to lug around tents. You and your group can lay your head in the well-equipped RfP Tent Hotel, a spacious Teepee, a Chill Village yurt or a camp tent with a canopy.

You can arrive in bulk by train or long-distance bus. Once in Hradec Kralove, you can continue to the main train station or bus terminal via the festival shuttle to the venue. This is completely free for you!

Or you can join the traditional bike ride from Prague through Kolín to Hradec Králové with the Rock for People Bike Ride!

Don’t have your own bike? Rent a nextbike! Thanks to our partnership with nextbike, trips from the centre of Hradec Králové to the festival and back will be completely free of charge. All you have to do is download the app on your mobile phone and pedal. Instructions and details can be found here.


The nearest airport is Václav Havel Airport in Prague, where most European and non-European connections are handled. There is a bus line from the airport, which will take you directly to Prague Main Train Station, where you can easily get to the festival by direct train connection.
Another option is to fly to Brno Tuřany Airport (only flights from London / Stansted, Milan or Berlin Schönefeld are handled there). There is an E76 service from the airport, which takes you to the train station in 20 minutes. From there, you can get to Pardubice by direct train and change to Hradec Králové.


By far, the most convenient means of transport to Rock for People is by train. More information on the IDOS website or you can also find the information about tickets and timetables on the Czech Czech Railways website or on the Regiojet website.

From Germany, you can get to the festival with one transfer in Prague. From Prague, there is a direct connection to Hradec Králové several times a day. Besides, there are several connections with a transfer in Pardubice.

From Vienna, you can travel by Czech Railways or Regiojet directly to Pardubice, where you will transfer to Hradec Králové.
On the way from Linz and its surrounding area, it is easiest to get to Vienna and from there continue to Pardubice and Hradec Králové.

If you take a train from Poland, you have to go through Ostrava, from where you get to Pardubice, where you change to train to Hradec Králové.


There will be public transport bus (nr. 15 to the stop “Letiště”) from Hradec Králové Main Railway Station as well as a festival shuttle bus.

If you are going to the festival by bus from Germany, you must first get to Prague by one of the long-distance bus services. Most of the direct connections are provided by Flixbus. From Prague, you can go to Hradec Králové by direct connection either from the bus station Praha- Černý most.

The shortest bus route from Austria is with one transfer in Prague. The journey to Prague is provided by the Flixbus bus service from all major cities. From Prague, you can get direct connections the bus station Praha-Černý most to the bus station Hradec Králové.

Direct overnight connections to Hradec Králové are available from all major cities in Poland.



In cooperation with 100TAXI we have prepared for you transport to and from the festival grounds from Hradec Králové at predetermined prices.

200 CZK / Kaufland – Park 360 (max. for 5 people including driver)
250 CZK / Centrum (Main Railway Station, Hotel Černigov) – Park 360 (max. for 5 people including driver)

In case of a larger group, it is possible to order a car for 7 people including the driver. Here the price is +50 CZK. Please provide this information before ordering the car.

Due to the fact that the ecological activities of (not only) the festival are an important topic for us, we want to invite you in advance to get to know each other, and before the festival, you can try carsharing! EVENT HERE

The coordinates of the Festivalpark are 50°14’49.6″N 15°50’09.6″E
If you go to a festival from Germany, the fastest way will be through Prague. Then follow the D11 motorway to Hradec Králové. Hradec Králové is 100 kilometers from Prague by the highway. At Hradec Králové, take the exit on the road number 11 and then take Prague Avenue to the Aupark shopping center, where you turn to Gočárova třída. Turn to the bypass around the center of Hradec Králové – Resslova street. From Resslova Street, turn to Akademika Bedrny Street and then continue along Jan Cerny Street to the airport.

The coordinates of the Festivalpark are 50°14’49.6″N 15°50’09.6″E
From Vienna and its surroundings, you need to take A5, which at the Czech border connects to the road No. 52 leading through Mikulov to Brno. At Brno turn onto the D1 motorway in the direction of Prague, after which you set off to Velká Bíteš, where you will leave the highway and follow road 37 to Žďár nad Sázavou and then along the same road through Chrudim and Pardubice to Hradec Králové. In Hradec Králové, follow Resslova Street to Jan Černý Street, which will lead you to the airport.
If you go from Linz, the fastest way will be through Prague. Road A7 and S10 via Freistadt to the Czech border. Continue through České Budějovice on the D3 motorway to Mirošovice, where you drive onto the D1 motorway and from there you get to Prague. In Prague, you will exit the motorway and follow the E65 road, before reaching Černý Most you‘ll exit onto D11 motorway leading to Hradec Králové.

The coordinates of the Festivalpark are 50°14’49.6″N 15°50’09.6″E
When traveling from Poland, Krakow, and Katowice, the fastest way to go is through Ostrava. You can get to Ostrava by the A1 road, which is connected to the D1 motorway on the Czech side of the border. From the D1 motorway, you will exit in Lipník nad Bečvou and follow the E442 road around Olomouc, through Mohelnice, Moravská Třebová, and Litomyšl to Hradec Králové, from where you will follow Jan Černý road to Věkoše Airport.

If you choose to travel in your car for the Rock for People festival, it is first necessary to get to Hradec Králové. The way to the festival is well marked with signs “Festivalpark“ or “Rock for People“ all around the city.
We also recommend that you check the festival Facebook, Instagram, RFP app, or traffic information on the radio before you set out on the road – especially for possible heavy traffic or traffic accidents.
On-site parking is available on a large-capacity parking lot guarded by festival security. We are not responsible for the things left in the car. Due to the capacity of the parking lot we recommend to arrive on time to avoid any queues. Traffic near the area will be restricted. Please follow the local signs.

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