18–20/6/2020 Hradec Králové


You will spend about 3-4 days at the festival, so you should pay extra attention to what you pack. We recommend that you include the following items in your backpack:

We recommend leaving valuable items such as jewelry, expensive mobile phones, photo cameras, cameras and computers at home.



Every year it is our priority to ensure the safety of the festival. To achieve this, everyone must adhere to security rules, both in their interests and in the interests of other visitors.

It is FORBIDDEN to bring the following items to the premises:


It is forbidden to display or distribute any promotional materials on the premises that have not been approved by the organizer in advance and are not official partners of the event. Also, it is not allowed to post materials with vulgar and other inscriptions that are contrary to good manners.

No entry with luggage is allowed. Please leave your luggage in the storage room, where it will be supervised throughout the festival.

It is NOT allowed to bring umbrellas, only raincoats.

It is NOT possible to bring your food or drink on the premises. This Regulation doesn‘t apply to campsites.

It is NOT allowed to light a fire in the area.




Only professional photographers representing the media are allowed to take pictures at the festival. These photographers must be registered in advance. Visitors are allowed to take pictures only by non-professional cameras, so-called compact cameras. These cameras are distinguished by a non-removable lens and overall size. The cameras must not be used with an external flash.


Video recording is prohibited. It is not allowed to bring cameras or other recording equipment into the festival area.


These rules are established due to the requirements of some performers. Visitors will be subject to security checks at the entrance to the premises. Security staff will have the right to assess whether the devices are professional or amateur. Amateur devices such as mobile phones or compact cameras can be brought into the premises.



Internet connection will be available in the festival partner zones.

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