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Hailing from the isolated city of Perth, Complete has become one of the most respected and revered emcees in Australian Hip-Hop. From his iconic street anthem Blood Stained Nikes to his ground breaking emotional hits like Roses and the recently Gold certified Jordan, Complete has indisputably made his mark on the rap scene, both locally and overseas.

With over 100 million views across his streaming platforms, Complete’s distinctly hard-hitting honesty on topics such as mental health and addiction within his lyrics has forged a powerful connection with a loyal army of fans who empathise with the messages in his music, especially when he is at his most vulnerable.

At the end of 2019, Complete released his much-anticipated debut album Death Rattle, which dominated the Australian charts and has received critical acclaim from listeners all over the world. He then went on an enormous headline tour of his homeland to celebrate the album’s success.

For 2023, Complete has an arsenal of new music ready to be released to the world and is planning to tour overseas in the lead up to his sophomore album, which will be released on his own soon-to-be announced label imprint in collaboration with ADA/Warner Music.

Examining his open-book persona, technical lyricism, sense of humour, and ability to tell an engaging story, it’s no wonder he is being touted for an exciting career as an international hip-hop star. With such a devoted fanbase that is growing more and more each day, Complete has become an unstoppable force and is on his way to cementing himself as one of the greatest Australian emcees of all time.