13-15/6/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

One of the elite hardcore band that abounds in the American music scene. Stray From The Path was formed in 2001 on Long Island, New York. The energetic and uncompromising hardcore whirlwind is the vehicle for the urgent messages that lead singer Andrew Dijorio and singer/guitarist Thomas Williams shout to the world.

Over the past 22 years, they have shared stages with such greats as Architects, Every Time I Die, Terror, Norma Jean, The Ghost Inside, Stick to Your Guns, Comeback Kid, and Counterparts. They have ten albums to their credit, six of which have been released under the prestigious Sumerian Records label (Bad Omens, Black Veil Brides). Their latest album, Euthanasia, released this September, is written for all to understand, with no room for interpretation. “I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings on this now,” Thomas said in an interview with Kerrang! on the lyrics of the new album. “‘Oh, when you said this, do you mean this? No, when I said this, I meant this because we said this. If you heard it, we mean it.”

Stray From The Path have been bringing their charged-up hardcore fury and politically outspoken lyricism to the masses for the better part of two decades, aiming to be the kind of band that can be a gateway to both heavy music and radical ideas. While the long-running group shows no signs of slowing down, Euthanasia was by no means an easy record to make. Stray From The Path found themselves in a fractured state due to the pandemic, an ocean of distance, and even a literal broken back, resulting in an album that reflects the grimmer personal and global circumstances.

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