15-18/6/22 Hradec Králové

The Plot In You continue to move forward on their fifth full-length album and second for Fearless Records, Swan Song. The Ohio quartet—Landon Tewers [vocals], Josh Childress [guitar], Ethan Yoder [bass], and Michael Cooper [drums]—stare down years of negativity, soured friendships, disappointment, and mistakes and flush it all away in the wake of hammering distortion, towering melodies, cinematic production, and unapologetically cathartic lyrics. Ascending to the apex of an eight-year grind, the band reached critical mass on 2018’s DISPOSE. The standout “FEEL NOTHING” exploded with 28 million US streams, while the project eclipsed 55 million US streams. Billboard raved, “DISPOSE is the band’s most polished and cohesive work to date,” and Alternative Press noted, “DISPOSE makes it clear that TPIY challenge both the listeners and themselves more and more with each release.” Grading the album “9.0-out-of-10,” Rock Sound predicted it “should finally –and deservedly –make The Plot In Youa name that everyone knows.” They supported the record by hitting the road with Underoath, The Amity Affliction, Like Moths To Flames, Sum 41, and more. After racking up over 100 million streams and receiving praise from Billboard, Rock Sound, AlternativePress, and more, the group wave off darkness with unassuming confidence and clarity on Swan Song ignited by the single “Face Me.”

To Sleep Waker, dreams can be a powerful thing. Some people fear them, dread every second leading up to the one where they break from consciousness, sacrificed to the shadows of their psyche. Meanwhile, other people dedicate hours that morph into days and weeks mastering how to instill their own lucid dreams—to escape the harsh realities of life to a world of their own. Like people, dreams can be good or bad; inherently pleasurable or hellish, and if you had to pick a band to capture all that truly defines dreams—the great ones, the good ones, and the horrifying ones—Michigan’s Sleep Waker is definitely the band to choose. Combining haunting, eerie melodies with malicious breakdowns and cutthroat grooves, Sleep Waker combine blistering nu metal, abrasive metalcore, and just enough ethereality to drop the listener’s guard, making an experience that is haunting and brooding while managing to be addictive and immersive in everything they write.