12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

Does it seem to you that there is just a handful of names in the domestic rap scene that just repeat what has already been said? Two years ago, the Jihlava collective 58G emphatically broke the stagnation prevailing on the Czech scene. They came up with a sound that translated the dirt of Jihlava streets and their love for the current trends in rap and deservedly gained the attention of their fans. “Whether grime, UK garage, drill or trap,” rappers Doktor and TK27 define 58G’s genre spanning across the current rap spectrum in the track Hood and Cap. The song was released on their debut mixtape “58 tapes vol. 1” in the summer of 2020 and impressed like lightning out of the blue sky. TK27 was until then better known as a football midfielder for FK Teplice. He had made his debut on the mic two years before in Cashanova Bulhar and Labello’s Off Season rapper track, which caused a stir in football circles.

For their debut, 58G won the Vinyl Music Award in the Discovery of the Year category, while the follow-up “58 Tape Vol. 2” was already in the running for Album of the Year in the same awards. It didn’t take long for beatmaker Humla to quickly rise to the absolute top of the domestic producer ranks, with his microphone mates already similarly on top. But 58G doesn’t waste guest spots, sticking to his closed crew and slowly building a prominent position outside the established structures of domestic rap. They are different and they are not ashamed of it. In the fall of 2022, 58G released their debut album “City Park”, which only confirms their very solid position in the scene.