8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

Stick-on tattoos and yellow color – that is ANNABELLE. A singer and rapper originally from Prague, who studied music in London while also performing at local venues. In 2022, she received the Best New Artist of the Year (Andel Award) and announced her debut EP. The rising star of contemporary pop follows up on the success of her latest singles such as TOOTHBRUSH, CHARM or RUNNIN’ OUT OF F* TIME. The latter track also appeared alongside four other tracks on the KIDNAP ME PLS EP released on August 26 2022, together with a SnOWfLAkE single. ANNABELLE is maintaining her position on top of the Czech Airplay Charts, got selected as one of the faces of the international Spotify EQUAL campaign, was broadcasted onto a billboard at the New York Times Square and is participating in various songwriting camps including German publisher ones such as Budde Music.