12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

ARROGANT TWINS ARE THE GREATEST PUNK N ROLL BAND ON THE PLANET. They are Jiri Nedvidek (CZ) and Benjamin Daniels (UK) and they reside in the underground Rock n Roll capital of Europe, Prague. This two piece explosion has a combined history as long as your arm and have spent years touring Europe and America with various legendary Czech and English bands.

The two met more than a 15 years ago when Benjamin relocated to Prague after nearly starting an international gang war in London (true story) and spent the first 4 years of friendship touring Europe in the Czech cult garage group ‘Anyway’, before drugs + bass players meant going their separate ways. The decision years later to play together again came after a heavy night of drinking, combined with a hearty desire to ‘Fuck all bass players and their pain in the ass ways and have the greatest Punk n Roll band ever’.