12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

We come up with a unique combination of folk tunes, pop-rock hits and movie soundtracks that we combine into an extraordinary musical experience. Our modern dulcimer music with violin, electric mandolin and bass guitar offers not only songs from Moravia and Slovakia, but also the greatest hits of the present and past years.

Cimbalhellband is not just a band, but a bold experiment combining the past with the present. In 2015, we decided to embark on a novel journey of synthesis of acoustic and electric instruments. We wanted to create something that is not just a musical experience, but a living story told through the dulcimer, violin, bass guitar and electric mandolin.

The reason for our creation was the desire to do things differently. Each performance is not only a chance for us to share our music with you, but also an opportunity to explore the boundaries of what can be done with our instruments. We are a living demonstration of how tradition can come alive in the modern world and cross cultural boundaries.