12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

Dmitrievna discovered her passion for music production during her six-year stay in Berlin. The local music scene strongly influenced the style of of the singer and producer, who has been dancing on the edge of techno and pop. Dmitrievna has played in Germany, France, Norway, and Slovakia and opened for artists like IC3PEAK, Linea Aspera, and Jessy Lanza. Her first EP “Hystericus” was released on NAPP Records artist Catnapp. This was followed by her second EP “Eterno Retorno”.

Her debut LP “Parasite” was released in July 2022. Dmitrievna explores the effects of oligarchy in a seemingly democratic world. Corruption, polarization, misinformation, loss of faith in institutions. Despite its focus on social criticism, Parasite is also a personal testimony. Urgent techno and breakbeat express frustration and despair, ambitious folk, on the other hand, restore hope in love as a redeeming human value.