8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

Frankie & The Deadbeats (translated as losers, losers, or misfits) is a group of men of dubious reputation, but as a musical group they aim high. From the dingy bars where they played punk and rock’n’roll loudly and in the sweat of their faces, it’s impossible to aim any lower. But now they have heard the call of their hearts and with the music that has been in their blood since their childhood spent around campfires, they intend to win the hearts of Country Radio listeners, as well as convince listeners of all other radio stations that country is no Cinderella and hats, shirts and ponytails are just cool. But Frankie & The Deadbeats also believe that country music is here for everyone, regardless of skin color or sexual orientation. Sheets belong on the bed, not on your head.

Although Frankie & The Deadbeats are still fairly fresh on the scene, the individual musicians have a turbulent history behind them in bands like Hanba, Prague Conspiracy, Unholy Preachers, TiNG, Inverta Storca and more. They released their first single “Let It Rain” on Bandcamp in April 2021, the single/video “Cowboys & Dreamers” in July, and in September 2021 the single was released on Pushteek Rec. The result of Frankie & The Deadbeats’ first concert season is the realization by a large portion of the audience that they like country music, even if they never thought they did before. See you in Nashville!