8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

INSANIA’s new album GRRRotesky (Smile Music, 2022) builds on the previous album Na pocaątku byl spam and layers sarcasm and irony on a foundation of strong metal rhythmics with a distinct electro-synth track. This time, however, he goes even further in perspective and self-irony on GRRRotesky, as indicated by tracks such as “Narvi svůj testosteron jinam,” “Ses ztrapnil” and “Jedeme peklo.” Although the concept of the record plays with the grotesqueness of historical events, the visuals are conceived as a gangsta version of 1920s grotesques. The album title and the tour, “GRRRotesky,” combines two emotions: amusement vs. rage (comic grrr), which will complement each other on the boards, signifying the underworld!
INSANIA was founded in 1987, and after several concerts, it was banned from further activity by the Brno StB in 1988. After that, they operated under the codename Skimmed and, under this banner, in 1990, released the LP New Insanity, one of the first independent records in Czechoslovakia. In 1992 they resumed their activity under the name INSANIA, and in 1994, they released their first CD, Crossfade, which was acclaimed abroad. The band continues to tour all over Europe, traveling the USA and playing with bands such as Voivod, Nomeansno, and Killing Joke. Since 1991, the band has been friends with Jello Biafra (of San Francisco’s Dead Kennedys).
INSANIA is a cult on the domestic hard alternative scene. During its existence, the band has won the Anděl award three times, and many awards have come from the rock-oriented Břitva poll, including inclusion in the Gallery of Legends.