12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

John Wolfhooker is a four-piece band from Prague that describes itself as an alt-rock salad spiced with progressive breakdowns and pop melodies. All served up with high energy live performances. During its existence, the band has self-sufficiently recorded four studio albums along with more than 20 music videos mostly produced by the band’s drummer Adrian Janeček.

Since 2015, JW have played several festivals and tours around the world including headlining at Rock for People (CZ), Envol et Macadam (CAN) and Sziget (HU) and supporting bands Rise Against, Hollywood Undead, Our Last Night and Enter Shikari and touring Germany with The Hirsch Effect.

The band is also known for the talent of guitarist (and producer) Ronald Janeček, who is considered by many to be one of the best European guitarists of his generation. For the last 5 years Ronald was also part of the Rock the Opera project, where he played as a solo guitarist. Concerts have taken place in the largest and oldest European opera houses in Austria, Germany, Italy, Greece and Great Britain, accompanied by the Capital City Symphony Orchestra. Prague FOK or (in the UK) with the BBC Symphonic Orchestra. In 2023 he was part of the Eurovision Song Contest as producer and one of the writers of the Austrian final song “Who The Hell Is Edgar”.

Their 2019 album “313” was nominated for the Anděl Awards in the Rock category. In 2021 John Wolfhooker released the single “Tidal Wave” together with the biggest name in contemporary Czech pop/rap – Ben Cristovao. This single broke into the main rotation on the biggest Czech mainstream radio station Europe 2, where it lasted for 6 months. The pop-punk tribute “1999” from the EP “626” was also a radio success.

The band is currently touring with their fourth studio album “The New Past”, which was completely recorded in their own Pidgeon Records studios, mixed and produced by the band’s guitarist Ronald Janeček.