8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

The band KLUCI is disco to the core and punk all around. The combination of various electronic gadgets and punk rock puts together an energetic mix on the wave of bands like Hadouken, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and The Death Set. The Death Dance Party.

KLUCI was formed in 2010 on a farm near Broumov. Five friends from a small town in the Sudetenland took synths, guitars and drums and got down to it. KLUCI grew up on the Beastie Boys, Prodigy, Sonic Youth, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, … Their work mixes the energy of a live punk rock band with electronic dance music. If you’re into electro and at peace with guitar bordello, you shouldn’t go wrong with KLUCI.

KLUCI have released a number of EP’s and currently have a video uploaded to YouTube called “What’s Left” (2022) which has had successful airplay on Radio 1, Radio Wave, RockZone.

They have performed at Rock For People ’18 and ’12, Art Kus, Punkáči deťom (SK), Hrnem Brnem, Majáles Ústí nad Labem, Street Food Rocks, Zizkovská noc, Majáles Trutnov, Propadák and clubs all over the Czech Republic. Rozbrat skvot Poznan, Zamek Nadaje Jawor, clubs Wroclaw …

They did support The Garden (electro-punk, USA), Astronautalis (rap, USA) or THePETEBOX (beatbox, UK)