8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

Stories about love, sex and other disasters. The worst dates make the best stories – because misfortune doesn’t walk on mountains, it walks on single girls! The popular stand-up comedian Lucie Macháčková glosses over love caroms with humour and exaggeration, and these are, of course, fertile ground for the LiStOVáNí project. The show, like the book, is full of stories about love, dating and embarrassments that will get you – whether you’re single, engaged or something in between. You’ll learn, for example, what happens when you fall in love at a wild party, what to do when you accidentally bump into your ex while snorkeling in the sea, or the best way to break up.

Starring: Lucie Macháčková and Lukáš Hejlík