12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

LiStOVáNí.cz: STOP (co-performer Tomáš Poláček)

Tomáš Poláček went on a crazy expedition in the summer of 2015. He hitched a ride in 250 cars of mostly poor quality to cross Siberia, Alaska, dangerous Central America or the Peruvian desert to the resort of Ushuaia in the Land of Fire – the southernmost city in the world. “In a Mexican truck we snorted white powder, in South America we chewed coca, I illegally crossed the border between Central American countries, it’s all in the book,” explains Poláček, who has been hitchhiking for more than twenty years, travelling from Prague to the Beijing Olympics, among other places. “But the backbone of the book is this journey across two continents,” he says, “because it was definitely the roughest – I cried in the last few days.” With his dramatic book, he is now embarking on a different journey, touring with the LiStOVáNí project.

Alan Novotný and Jiří Ressler and Tomáš Poláček