8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

The legends say that these wolves come from a timeless place and are a product of a brilliant biologist named Dr. Jimi, who decided to create these superior beings (incredibly physically fit, not resembling humans) that he called MAN WITH A MISSION. From a supposed laboratory in Antarctica, where they were stored under the ice and where they listened to all the music in the world, they managed to escape from the icy landscapes directly to the podiums in Japan. Does that sound bizarre to you? Expect nothing less from MAN WITH A MISSION. The five-piece formation that wears wolf masks as their signature dish (both in their videos and on stage) comes from Shibuya, Japan. Musically they sound a bit like japanese The Killers, but really it is hard to compare them to anything; come see for yourself. You may know their music from some anime, action movies, and video games, so gamers and nerds will probably appreciate these five young lads!