12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
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Massive Wagons were founded in 2009 in their hometown of Lancaster, England by vocalist Barry “Baz” Mills and guitarist Adam Thistlethwaite. The duo were inspired by the resurgence of hard rock led by bands such as Airbourne and Black Stone Cherry, and their lifelong affinity to classic rock acts such as UFO, Rainbow and Slade fuelled their fire even further. Since then, the band have, as Classic Rock Magazine put it, “blossomed from local concern to national conversation”, becoming a firm favourite of rock fans and press alike across Europe thanks to their no-nonsense anthems, electrifying live shows, unconquerable work ethic and fun-loving personalities. The first ever Lancashire band to have achieved a UK Top 40 album, Massive Wagons are due to release their sixth album ‘TRIGGERED!’, the long-anticipated follow-up to the UK #9 album ‘House Of Noise’, having whet the appetite of their fans with their Record Store Day single “Changes” and an alternative version of their UK #16 album ‘Full Nelson’ over the course of 2021. ‘House Of Noise’ also picked up the Best British Album award as part of Planet Rock’s The Rocks 2021, and landed the #14 in Classic Rock Magazine’s Best 50 Albums of 2020.