8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

A man with a strange name and even stranger lyrics, who defies all ideas of how a rapper should behave, look and speak. Originality and unpredictability.

Gey started rapping in 1999, and his more serious attempts came in 2005 with the Actionday Crew. 2010 brought his first solo album, Turbulence of Negative Goodness, which is basically a collection of older unreleased tracks. A year later, Gey met Fatt by chance, and the result of this meeting was a collaborative album called Imaginarium of Utterly Ordinary Weirdness, which made MC Gey a rightful member of Ty Never. In 2014, the pair followed up with their second album, The Monkey King Strikes Back. 2016 was a watershed year for Gey, as he released his critically acclaimed album
Rap-Life, which continues into 2020 with the album Rap-Life: Episode 2. Both albums were produced entirely by Krudanze. In addition to rapping, MC Gey is an illustrator, graphic designer, and writer of short stories and poems. He is also the author of the legendary Shit Water T-shirt.