8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

Ridina Ahmed is the author of the solo theatre show Lard, as well as the documentary podcast Lard, www.rozhlas.cz/sadlo, in which a number of women and girls talk about how complicated their journey to body acceptance is and how massive and toxic the societal pressure on women’s appearance is – and also share what helps them personally on that journey.
The Lard podcast premiered in early 2021 and has become the most listened to podcast in the history of the station, CRO Wave, where it was broadcast – to date it has over 300,000 downloads and has won several awards.

All the opinion and media storm surrounding this event led Ridina to found the My Body is Mine platform (www.mojetelojemoje.cz )

During the talk, Ridina will introduce the aforementioned projects and the genesis of their creation, and will talk about his experiences – what it took to publicly open up the topic of body shaming.

The meeting will also include a debate with the audience.