12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

Fresh wind in the sails of Czech pop. Pam Rabbit, a Czech-Armenian singer with a distinctive and original work, who gained respect on the music scene with her debut EP Mom, I’m Lost, with which she was shortlisted for the Anděl Awards. Her approach and alternative music promise we’ll be hearing a lot more from her. She has already collaborated with names like Ben Cristovao, HILLS 97, John Wolfhooker, and SLZA.

Pam Rabbit is a Czech singer and songwriter with Armenian roots who has no problem creating in both Czech and English with her own ease and humour. She came to public attention not only with her participation in the national Eurovision round, but also with her distinctive and original music, which brings a fresh wind to Czech pop music. She proved this not only on her debut EP Mom, I’m Lost, with which she was shortlisted for the prestigious Anděl Music Awards. The debut also spawned her biggest hits such as Ve Starym Dome or We’re All Gonna Fly, on which she collaborated with Ben Cristovao. Pam Rabbit has also collaborated with the band Tears on the track I’m Falling, for which Pam wrote the script and took care of the direction. Currently, the most prominent song also known from the radio airwaves is the song Stuck in the cloud, which Pam Rabbit performed live at the Anděl 2022 Awards show.