8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

A career spanning nearly thirty years, millions of albums sold, at least eleven albums to their credit – this is the Californian four-piece Papa Roach. Genre straddling, whether we call it rap-rock, electronic rock, rock’n’roll, or all of the above together – these four have had an impressive career with a properly diverse discography.

Their latest album, Ego Trip, was released in 2022 and carries the vibes and significant parts with it that the band started a few albums back. It still carries that sass, angst, and a kind of determination. Some fans have criticized the last album for not being too progressive, but you’ll be able to see yourself live this summer! The fact is that the release of the single Kill The Noise was at the top of the charts for four weeks. Nevertheless, we can’t wait for our last resort at the Rock for People 2023!