12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

This time PiNKBUS goes back in time….to the days when music was on CDs, there was Lunetic and flip phones. It’s time to break out the hip jeans, crop tops and hats. The PiNKBUS 2000s is coming!

“The PiNKBUS project is a platform for queer art, bringing a new wave of creativity to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, connecting emerging and established professional artists of all disciplines. PiNKBUS platform opens discussion on the most topical issues of today’s society such as LGBTI+ rights, body positivity, freedom and influences the contemporary art scene through its work and activities. The creators are convinced of the need to build a platform for the queer art scene more and more every day. Creating a safe space that spreads awareness and connects people is more important than ever.”