8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

The PiNKBUS project represents a new platform that mainly protects young queer artists and brings a new creative wave to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The creators have managed to bring together the underground queer scene and professional established artists during these composed evenings, and a truly diverse range of artists from all disciplines have taken turns on stage.
It continues the tradition of Prague cabarets and variety shows and spices it up with a dose of the rising trend – drag queens. The creators are responding to the strong global growth of drag culture and bringing it to Prague. Interest in this type of art and performance has grown immensely and has already spread beyond the LGBT community. It opens a discussion on the most topical issues of today’s society such as sexuality, nudity, freedom, physicality and the cult of beauty. The creators are convinced of the need to build a platform for the queer art scene more and more every day. Creating a safe space that spreads awareness and connects people is more important than ever.