8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

European indie-pop band Rikas has always had a knack for filling our stereo speakers with effervescent numbers. Tunes that bring you to your feet as you shamelessly show off a few moves.

The four-piece group continues to bestow us with feel-good vibes. As they toured throughout Europe, making multiple festival stops, they’ve still found time to work on a new project, Goodbye Sunshine.

Cali’s laid-back atmosphere and sunny disposition sneak their way into each track. Yet, it’s truly the band’s opportunity to be making music together, and the gratefulness to work with other creatives that exude positive energy.

Making the difficult sound easy. Seeing light in the shadows. Wrapping the bittersweet in such a way that every pill is swallowed joyfully. Not many can pull that off – and if it sounds as if they’re doing it off the cuff, you’re dealing with a small sensation. Maybe even a pretty big one. That’s right, here we go: All eyes on Rikas!