12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

OPERAVE is something between Berghain and Bayreuth. For those who had the urge to dance to classical music but never really got into it. For those who want to hear how coloratura blends with drops. For those who want to awaken the Queen of the Night to pulsating techno. OPERAVE is a cross-genre audiovisual experience produced by RUN OPERUN – an artistic collective that for 9 years has been reaching out with its operatic projects to audiences who might find the genre distant and unattractive – like fans of hard genres like metal or rock. This is done by vocalising contemporary social issues and taking opera to places where no one would expect it. For the OPERAVE project, they joined forces with top innovative artists – the band Noisy Pots, musician Tanita Yank, opera singer Kristýna Kůstková and light designer Jan Poš – to bring the audience to the border between the opera stage and the nightclub.