8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

Social networks are our daily bread. They present an abundance of opportunities and inspiration, while at the same time consuming and overwhelming us. Sometimes they bring us closer and sometimes they push us further apart. The desire to move and the desire to change the walls for trees can pull us out of the digital world. Just 40s of looking at a picture with nature provides the mind with a release. Let alone a visit to nature. We are an integral part of it, we have just suppressed our natural settings by living in cities. Yet a visit to the forest can improve not only physical but also mental health. From improved mood to better sleep to increased work performance. Just like that. Free.


Adam is an innovator and promoter of mental health, a psychologist in body and soul. He touches with his eyes and his way of being is walking. After paddling around Europe in the field of change management consulting and innovation, he has anchored Between the Fences (Bohnice Hospital) and Therapy Among the Trees (a project that connects nature and mental health). Hand in hand with his activism, he emphasizes the need for idleness, emptiness and boredom to make things happen and to make things happen.