12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

Introducing Soft Launch – a five piece who, when asked to describe themselves, quickly reel off, “Irish” and “boyband”. It’s funny, because Soft Launch are only a third Irish. They are also not entirely a boyband: not in the way you might expect anyway, but it’s exactly this brand of glint-in-the-eye self awareness that they wear so well and draws you into their orbit of stylish, intelligent, melodic perfection.

Soft Launch are Josh McClorey (from Cavan), Conor Price (from Wicklow), Benedict Quinn, Henry Pearce and Limmer and ‘Cartwheels’ is their anthemic debut single, out now on Good Form / Parlophone. Reminiscent of the heyday of British indie pop, directors Marcus Prouse Jr and Nathan Barlow along with creative direction from Henry in the band, bring the personalities of each member and the tangible chemistry between them to the fore.