8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

Sunset Trail is a four-piece band from Olomouc. Since the release of their debut album “Revealing” in 2012, they have been performing almost constantly. In 2016 they released the EP “Serpents,” after which the band embarked on an extensive tour of Eastern Europe alongside German metalcore legends Caliban, followed by a stint in the UK in 2017.

In addition to the club scene, the band also has a festival experience. They have performed at Rock For People, Fajtfest, and Ukraine’s Faine Misto and Banderstadt. Additionally, they have been able to play shows in support of international bands such as In Hearts Wake, Crossfaith, Texas in July, Annisokay, Bad Omens, and Cataract. A highlight was the opportunity to perform as main support for American star Papa Roach.

The second album, “Reflections,” was released in early 2018, on which Sunset Trail focused on being more melodic and vocal. They then went on a second tour in Russia alongside Caliban again. After the wild pandemic years, the band’s lineup has dwindled to four members, but Sunset Trail’s journey continues with the explosive 2022 single “Burial.” In addition, the band plans to release a new EP in 2023 to show the direction they want to take Sunset Trail.