8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

TATA BOJS – one of the most popular contemporary Czech bands founded in 1988 in Prague’s Hanspaulka and is known for its energetic concerts. It was founded by two classmates from primary school, Milan Cais and Marek Huňát alias Mardoša.

Ten albums, four live albums, two of them on DVD and one for HBO, one concept album and one remix album, a unique joint project with the Korean Ahn Trio, one best of, six reissue vinyls, ten Anděl, and other music awards, including the Album of the Decade (Futuretro 2000), cooperation with the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, which launched a series of joint concerts with other symphonic ensembles across the Czech Republic, a series of music videos and countless not only club but also spectacular indoor and outdoor concerts, one big exhibition mapping thirty years of existence at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, a visually accomplished and comprehensive monograph called TATALOG, clever lyrics and elaborate music and production – this is how one could sum up the career of Tata Bojs in a nutshell.