8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

TCHERT was formed in 2021 by Tom Rothschedl (Skywalker, Dasey Hill) and Jakub Hlaváček (Silent Generation, Scoop) and later by adding Přemysl Pláteník (drums) and František Jelen (Marked As An Enemy, bass) to the live line-up.

After the first singles WORLDENDER and LOVE ALONE produced by Damián Kučera from Skywalker, the popular featuring of Davy from the famous xVICIOUSx in the song “Love Alone” and the debut concert at the FAJTFEST festival, the band is getting into the awareness of new fans. Their work mixes elements of hardcore and metal with an emphasis on hard breakdowns and groove. TCHERT pride themselves on a quality live sound to ensure that fans always get a first class experience.

The band is influenced by names such as Brutality Will Prevail, Jesus Piece and thrash legends Slayer, which TCHERT covered in their cover of ”Bitter Peace”.

Towards the end of the year you can look forward to the debut EP “INTI”, which will be sound engineered by Florent Salfati (LANDMVRKS), as was the case with the last single “Hoc Est Corpus Meum”.