8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

Love, pink color and guitars. The Valentines are a pop band from Hradec Králové,
formed in 2017, consisting of Honza Doležal – bass guitar / vocals, Ondřej Čepek – guitar
/ synth and Matěj Novotný – drums.
The young trio, oscillating between David Bowie’s 80’s Let’s Dance aesthetics
and contemporary guitar pop, plays “happy songs about the saddest things” in their
own words.
In 2019, The Valentines won the Radio Wave’s Starter (song contest), earning
the opportunity to make the song and the video “Did My Back Hurt Your Knife?” Their
single “Just Us” also appeared as the only song in the film A Certain Kind of Silence
nominated for the Czech Lion (Czech film awards). The song with which The Valentines
reached the Czech final of the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as the two previous
songs, was produced by frontman Honza Doležal and Filip Vlček, who also mixed it. The
song which was recorded in the bedroom was mastered by Ted Jensen, who has
produced albums by Madonna, Talking Heads, Rolling Stones, Bring Me the Horizon
and many many others.