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Buy a house, find a partner, marry, have kids and settle down. “Society makes you think you must always have more,” Tigress vocalist and songwriter Katy Jackson notes with a metaphorical middle finger held high. “This is why people are unhealthy right now. Whatever you’re doing isn’t good enough.”

It’s this palpable frustration that underpins the Essex five-piece’s debut album ‘Pura Vida’, one that arrives over a decade since Tigress’ members first began making music together. Now approaching her mid-30s, Katy isn’t shying away from age. “People get older,” she affirms. “Your body changes. Your face changes. Your mind changes. The big theme running throughout ‘Pura Vida’ is just that: This is it. This is me.”

From the falsity of social media to external pressures on women’s bodies, ‘Pura Vida’ delivers an unfiltered view of modern adult life. “The album is about confronting everything you don’t like about yourself, turning it into something you love, and leading a pure life from there”. Tigress present a notable maturity; a word Katy is no longer afraid to use. It shows in their sound. Forgoing a need to imitate contemporary success stories, the band have looked back to the previous century for inspiration.