12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

The Wild Classical Music Ensemble is an experimental Belgian rockband, consisting of Linh Pham (vocals and effects), Sébastien Faidherbe (bass and vocals), Wout Wittevrongel (guitar), Johan Geenens (flutes and vocals), Wim Decoene (sampler) and Damien Magnette (sounds and drums, also plays in Facteur cheval, Why the eye? and Zoft). Rudy Callant (trumpet and vocals) and Kim “2 face” V. (guitar) were also in the band until 2018 and 2016.

The band started in 2007 on the initiative of Wit.h as a workshop around experimental music. As the musical pact was formed, the artists mounted the stage with their punk-rock improvisations shortly after. Their first live performance took place at ‘BEZET’, a socio-artistic festival at Budafabriek in Kortrijk in 2008. Soon, they celebrated their first album, recorded in the La Hesse Studio in Vielsalm and released by Sub Rosa.

Their unique sound is a blend of punk/rock riffs, fanatic rhythms and fiery flute and synth jams. The vocals are rough, the atmosphere comforting.. In 2012 Sébastien, playing his DIY 2-string bass, gave the WCME another boost as he joined the band. The WCME second album (2015) is more rhythmic and polyphonic and was released by Born Bad in France and by Humpty Dumpty in the Benelux. It reveals the proper sound of the band, which gets even more refined live on stage by sound engineers Etienne Foyer and Peter van de Veire. Sébastien’s humorous and stirring live comments on stage turn WCME performances into wild musical parties, rarely leaving anyone untouched .
Gigs in France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands… followed and, spurred by Festival of Flanders, a contemporary music piece was made, together with Spectra Ensemble. In 2016, Wim Decoene and Wout Wittevrongel arrive in the band and create a solid base to which the extra singer and chaos creator improvises in a breath-taking way that can be felt in the bones. The band rocks more than ever and has currently released his third album on Born Bad Records.