8-11/6/23 Hradec Králové Park 360

The band Wohnout was conceived sometime around 1988, and then prenatal age came. They rehearsed, they had two public concerts, but it was all so unreal. The guys started touring regularly in the spring of 1996 and have played hundreds of shows since then. They consider this to be their actual birth. In 1999, the first Wohnout record was released, and eight more followed over time. They have also released one DVD, Bestofka, and a couple of documentaries. Their biggest hobby is music videos, of which they have clouds.


Wohnout is a club and festival band. All four of them sing on two guitars, bass, and drums. The worst part is that none of them have any judgment and won’t stop singing. If you see them play somewhere, consider that they make music with their hearts, but it doesn’t show. They’re stone-cold stoners.