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Born in Yorkshire, England, YUNGBLUD (aka Dominic Harrison) is a multi-instrumentalist who first picked up a guitar at age two and began writing his own songs at age 10. The 26-year-old artist is known for voicing what he feels are major concerns for his generation, using his music to unite and empower the youth of today.

His fans call themselves the “Black hearts club” and have two black hearts in their emblem – one broken and the other full. This community of people generally hold the same views that Yungblud promotes. First of all, mutual tolerance, or the ability to be yourself. There is also a significant number of people from the LGBT community, for example, as they feel understanding and support from his music, and acceptance from other fans into an imaginary family, without prejudice.

In addition to his own compositions, the songs on which he has collaborated with other international stars are inseparable from YUNGBLUD. Among his notable collaborations is the song “11 Minutes,” on which he worked with American singer Halsey and bassist Matty Healy of The 1975. Other notable releases include the song “I’m a Mess”, which he recorded with punk-rock star Avril Lavigne, “original me”, which he co-wrote with Dan Raynolds of Imagine Dragons, and the recently released “Happier”, which features a guest appearance by Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon. YUNGBLUD’s video for “Funeral” even features Ozzy Osbourne. He even told the singer that he saw himself in him and gave him the following advice, „Never apologize for anything. They will understand you later. Time Always tells.“

The world would be introduced to YUNGBLUD in 2018 with his self-titled EP. Here was a voice that was unafraid to elevate the experiences of his generation: gentrification, assault, troubled upbringings and political corruption. With the release of his full-length debut album 21st Century Liability in July 2018, Harrison’s words resonated with millions, earning him meteoric success. In 2019, his ‘hope for the underrated youth’ EP debuted in the Top 10 for the UK Official Albums Chart, which was then followed in 2020 by his UK Number One album weird! which has since been certified Gold.

YUNGBLUD’s third full-length album, YUNGBLUD, marked an exciting new era for the artist. The critically-acclaimed album went #1 in six countries and has currently achieved over 423M streams since its release on September 2nd, 2022.

YUNGBLUD’s breakneck voyage through the alt cosmos continues, with ‘Lowlife’ marking a fresh new era – visually, sonically and creatively – for the artist who has undeniably become the voice of Gen-Z, using his music to unite and empower the youth of today. Recent single ‘Lowlife’ is perhaps YUNGBLUD’s most honest creation to date. Delivered with fervour and passion, it is an energetic, rebellious and turbo-charged anthem, fusing hard-edge melodies, heavy basslines and raw, vulnerable lyrics. It marks the beginning of a sonic and creative shift that sees YUNGBLUD return to his alternative roots while also taking creative risks with quirky yet detailed production, and considered instrumentation that simultaneously feels both new and nostalgic. The single was teased ahead of release when YUNGBLUD sent hand-written notes to fans’ letterboxes around the world, detailing locations in London, LA and Germany, where blacked-out cars emblazoned with the single title popped up, attracting masses of fans who gathered in their thousands to experience the single for the first time. YUNGBLUD now has over 6 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 3 Billion global streams.