12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360


25. 05. 2024

Rock for People 2024 will be completely #CASHLESS again!

Thanks to the NFCtron, payment at the venue will be fast, clear, and safe. At all vendors, you can pay simply by attaching your chip wristband to the vending device. After each payment, the vendor will show you directly on the device the amount that will be deducted from your chip and your chip balance simultaneously.

All payments at the festival will be cashless including tokens for showers, lockers, phone charging, etc. Please have cash ready if you plan to use a taxi service for transportation to/from town. This will otherwise not be needed at the festival.

The festival will be completely cashless, all payments will be made only via a wristband with an NFC chip. The wristband with the NFC chip will also be your ticket.
For an even better overview of payments at the festival, we recommend downloading the NFCtron mobile app for Android or iOS. After loading the chip using NFC technology, you will see your entire spending and current balance. You can also rate your orders, receive notifications about individual payments, and conveniently return any remaining funds to your bank account after the event here.


Credit can also be topped up on the spot – in cash or by card at a marked top-up point. The activation fee for the first top-up is 50 CZK. All further top-ups are free of charge.

TOP UP LINK: https://bit.ly/cashless_rfp2024

Currently, it is ONLY possible to top-up tickets purchased on our website and in the GoOut network. Tickets from Ticketmaster and Ticketportal will follow later.

SUPPORT / HELP:  In case of any complications during recharging, support is available for you by e-mail: [email protected].


To facilitate your arrival at the festival, we have arranged for you to exchange your ticket directly for a festival wristband at selected @Komerční banka branches a few days before the festival. This time this option will be offered in Prague (Václavské náměstí 42), Brno (Náměstí Svobody 21) and Hradec Králové (Náměstí Osvoboditelů 798/2).

ONLY the following ticket categories will be exchangeable – standard full-festival, Comfy+, VIP full-festival.
It will be possible to top up the festival funds at the banding point, ONLY by card. If you top up with a Mastercard from Komerční Banka, you will get up to 200 CZK extra! These bonuses are only valid when topping up on site.
The bracelet must be picked up by the person whose name appears on the ticket and will be placed on the owner’s wrist upon exchange.
If you show your KB Mastercard at the top-up point at the festival, you can get a bonus of CZK 200 on top of the CZK 2,000 topped up every day!


ONLY tickets purchased on our website and in the GoOut network can be exchanged for wristbands in person.

From 6. 6., 13:00 (with the start of the wristband exchange) the SecureSwap will no longer be active. This means the swapping will continue without the barcode change. We advise you to be extra careful when buying tickets from third parties.
In case of any further questions please contact TicketSwap or the Rock for People ticketing directly.