12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

3 days tickets are sold out

31. 01. 2020

Rock for People announces sellout of 3-day festival tickets, with only a minimum of one-day and VIP tickets remaining.

“Its historically first sold-out Rock for People and we perceive it with great joy but also as a great commitment to festival visitors. We want to keep our regular visitors comfortable just like they are used to and surprise the new ones and therefore prepare unique festival experience for everyone. Those who don’t get a chance to come to our festival we want to encourage to visit any other festival this year, such as Pohoda, Mighty Sounds, or Colours of Ostrava, their line-ups are exceptional. Or any smaller festival with local bands.” says Michal Thomes, promoter of Rock for People.

Also, ticket owners can look forward to revealing additional program items in the coming weeks. Among other things, the festival will offer discussions, workshops, sports, and a varied gastronomic selection.