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Next week Seether in Prague and in Brno!

21. 09. 2017

At the end of next week, the legend of the world grunge, nu-metal and hardcore will be heading to the Czech Republic. The South African original trio Seether will bring a new confident album, Poison the Parish, and they will introduce it on Friday September 29th in Prague and the following evening in Brno. Like a support will play the British LTNT and US Sons of Texas bands.

AntiHero music magazine about Seether`s new CD: “Veteran bands releasing their seventh album rarely have much of interest to say. The hooks may be the same, but the spark that once made them exciting tends to fade. That makes it all the more impressive that Poison The Parish doesn’t feel forced at all. In fact, this is the most self-assured Seether has sounded in a decade, and the album is the most cohesive in years as well. The songs here work perfectly as a unit, creating the rare collection of songs meant to be heard as an album, and the pervasive darkness is held in check only by the playful, arena-ready hooks provided by both the music and vocals. This is Seether doing what they do best: seething. Nostalgia proves too hard a hill to climb for Poison The Parish to top any of their first three records, but that in no way diminishes how excellent it is.”