12-14/06/25 Hradec Králové
Park 360

Komerční banka and Visa zone at Rock for People will show the future of festivals

25. 05. 2023

A unique photovoltaic system, a hydrogen generator charging a part of the premises and electric cars for bands and guests, gastronomy based on alternative and plant products, opportunities for engaged leisure, education and work, original architecture, ethical cosmetics or secondary use of books.

All this in a thoughtful set design working with sustainable elements and second-hand materials. Welcome to the KB FutureFest 2030 zone, which is being created at Rock for People thanks to general partner Komerční banka and with the support of Visa! In addition to visual details and progressive technologies, it will also feature an attractive live programme on two stages – the Conference Stage and the Solar Stage.

The Solar stage is emblematic of the entire zone. It will be powered by an exceptional set of solar panels and battery systems. Similarly energetic performances are expected from the guests and talk show hosts on this stage. During the four days of the festival, it will host influential and inspiring personalities from public life, art or business: Lukáš Hejlík, Toy Box, Prokop Pithart, Ben Cristovao, Ferdinand Leffler, Taste of Prague and many others. Similarly, the musical dramaturgy is based on unexpected genre twists, fusions and novel arrangements. In addition, the audience can expect surprises every night in the form of secret shows.

The festival is like a medium-sized city. That’s why we have concentrated innovative technology, services, design and programming in our zone that we believe indicate the trend of the future lifestyle. Each part is a stimulus, the whole offers a glimpse into the future. We are not afraid to be trend pioneers, which are reflected in an inspiring way in every moment that visitors spend in the zone,” explains Hana Kovářová, Executive Director of Brand Strategy and Communications at Komerční banka, who believes that Rock for People is a suitable environment for networking and discussions on topics such as housing, education and renewable energy. The festival will also be attended by several hundred representatives of local government and public administration from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia during guided tours of exceptional technological solutions.

The KB FutureFest 2030 zone prides itself on top-notch service, progressive architecture and innovative technologies. A stay here will be associated with a number of benefits and tastings – both gastronomic and technological. Connections with universities and their research and development centres or start-ups that are focused on responsible business or green transformation are important. For example, urban bike sharing, new ingredients in gastronomy, recycled and recyclable materials, sustainable tourism or contemporary art fit into this category.

The entire zone demonstrates Rock for People’s commitment to becoming one of the most sustainable festivals in Europe. It is powered by two main sources: a system of photovoltaic panels and EcoFlow battery storage systems created by StableCam specifically tailored to the entire Commercial Bank zone: the solar panels have a daily output of up to 50 kWh with a storage capacity of 30 k