12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

Bathing? History? Panorama? Head to the Rock for People area!

10. 06. 2022

You will find six great swimming pools or floating pools in the vicinity of our festival grounds. There are also two designer microbreweries, hundreds of kilometres of well-maintained cycle paths, dozens of French-style castles and a few castles that you would be looking for in vain elsewhere. And since we’re rolling out glamping accommodation at Park 360 after Rock for People, you could be cooking in Hradec Kralove and the Hradec Kralove region. Alone, with a group or maybe with a team from work!

Several excursion spots are connected by the Elbe (bike) trail, which you can connect to right away in Předměřice nad Labem. You can head towards Jaroměř with its unprecedented fortifications, the baroque wonder of Kuks, the largest zoo in the Czech Republic in Dvůr Králové nad Labem or the Krkonoše Mountains themselves with the Treetop Trail, breathtaking in any season. You can also spend a few days visiting places worthy of attention in Hradec Králové itself and its surroundings – after all, the city has a justified reputation as a materialized textbook of modern architecture, which was also enjoyed last year by our very popular band Missio.

We have prepared thirty tips for you to make your stay at Rock for People more interesting or longer. And together with all those who take care of the comfort of visitors in Hradec Králové and its surroundings, we will be most happy if you come back to the Hradec Králové region regularly. For domestic travellers we recommend Kudy z nudy.cz, the best signpost for foreign travellers is the Visit Czech Republic platform.