12-15/06/24 Hradec Králové
Park 360

RfP 2017

Nouvelle Prague at RfP

02. 07. 2017

You will find out everything that revolves around music here.  Workshops or discussions with interesting personalities from the music industry are waiting for you.  You’ll find the exact times in the line-up.

4th of July

15:00 Go Green, or Die Slowly (EN)
Well what other topics can be more actual to speak about on the “Independence Day” than America’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement.
Our colleagues from Green Music Initiative, Thema1 Jacob Bilabel, and Martha Bissmann discusses the extreme differences between the green and the oi/power hungry reality.. Get yourself involved and learn how to make some easy steps towards a green future for our children.
• Jacob Bilabel -Thema1
• Martha Bissmann – WIP Energy Renewable
Host: Zsolt Jeges – Mamazone Hungary

16:00 – 17:00 Ondřej Anděra (WWW Neurobeat)…Work with “machines” ( workshop)
An outstanding workshop on the infinite possibilities of using machines…

• Ondrej Andera – www Neurobeat

17:00 Air Guitar contest
There is no fun without proper craziness, and what better way there is to go nuts than with a group of metal fanatic air guitarist jumping around on Mötörhead’s Ace Of Spades….
The contest has a price …. and challenge to be the best of the best air metal guitarist…

Every contestant is welcome for a good beer…
Hosts: Dan Schubrt – The Drain, Jan Všetečka – The Drain

5th of July

14:30 Ways to became a star 1.- Introduction of Czech Fresh talent scouting project that takes place during Rock For People (EN/CZ)
• Mark Bennett – United Talent Agency
• Přemysl Štépánek – PR stage

15:00 Listening -beer session
Time for something a little bit different… We’ve selected around a dozen songs plus a few video clips to find out how professional evaluators such as promoters, agents and publishers listen to demo tapes etc. Our panel will listen to the offerings and then give real-time feedback on the potential sounds of tomorrow. How do they decide on a hit or a miss? … This is your chance to discover how these make or break decisions are made…
The bands we listen are Czech bands playing at RfP.
• Shaun Faulkner – X ray touring
• Simone Manchisi – Bassculture Booking
• Nanouk De Meijere – Avocado Booking

16:30- 17:20 Take A Stand
It‘s time to take a stand for Europe, and indeed for the whole world. To create a movement encouraging social cohesion in our society, promoting awareness and tolerance for all cultures, genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, colours and origins. To motivate people to participate in politics and social activities, speaking up for peaceful dialogue, humanism, tolerance and mutual understanding, to make the world a better place for every single individual and for all of us.

• Jacob Bilabel -THEMA1- Green Music Initiative, YOUROPE Festival association
Holger Jan Schmidt -GreenEvents Europe & Sounds for Nature, YOUROPE Festival association
Host: Jonáš Vnouček – Prezident 21

17:30 Ways to became a star 2.- The YouTube effect.
the discussion is focusing on the progress how artists gain massive popularity with the help of YouTube.
What makes a YouTube vid a hit… what makes us tick…discussion. How to make it happen…. Our speakers are looking at the topic from different angles
• Vika Goes Wild – artist
• Andrea Hurychova -YouTube strategist, WeDigital founder
Host: Márton Náray – Czech Music Office

19:00 Vika goes Wild concert
6th of July

16:30 Prezident 21- Introduction
• Jonáš Vnouček – President 21
• Ondřej Koutský – President 21

17:00 Interactive Prezident 21 game
Who will become the next head of state? Join President 21 and help find him!
The game is being voted on by the Democracy 21 system, designed by mathematician and visionary Karel Janeček. Thanks to Democracy 21, people no longer have to vote for lesser evil, they have more votes – up to three for and one against.
Your voice is so much more heard! Result? The candidate who joins and agrees most of the company.
More than 145,000 Czechs, Moravians and Silesians are looking for the next Czech president’s online game. Candidates can propose themselves. Now they are over 540. Who is yours?


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