12-14/06/25 Hradec Králové
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Rock for People – the official statement

12. 04. 2021

Due to the ongoing complexities of COVID-19, we announce that the sold-out 2020/2021 year will not take place as planned and will be moved to June 16-18, 2022. Purchased tickets remain valid for next year and confirmed artists will be gradually announced.

However, we hope to meet you soon. Right after the conditions for organizing summer events are clear, we will organize an alternative Rock for People festival at Hradec Králové Airport. Follow our communication channels for updates!

“We are not giving up and we are preparing a slightly different Rock for People this year to allow the fans and ourselves to relax from difficult times. As soon as it is clear under what conditions the events can be organized, we will announce more details. The whole team gave a lot of energy to the preparations for the 2020-2021 year in the hope that the vaccinations will return the world to normal, and in the summer, it will be possible to organize cultural events for a larger number of visitors. That is why we waited until the last minute to announce the changes. Unfortunately, the progress of the epidemiological situation does not allow us to organize the festival to the planned extent already for the second time. We are in contact with all the headliners from this year and we are working on their participation at Rock for People 2022.” Says the festival director Michal Thomes.

Moreover, we are working on modifications of the Hradec Králové Festival Park, which we took over this year. Do you have a great idea of how to improve it? Let us know!

Keeping the festival tickets helps the culture to survive across its sectors, most of the ticket holders have shown loyalty and understanding at Rock for People 2020/2021, for which everyone deserves a huge thanks.

Multi-day and one-day tickets of all categories, as well as accommodation in camps, remain valid for 2022. In case of an urgent ticket return, ticket owners can contact the organizers by e-mail at [email protected] and their request will be assessed individually.

Rock for People has been active in the past twelve months. Rock for People Home and Rock for People In the Game festivals, club and open-air concerts, music showcase and conference Nouvelle Prague took place.

For more detailed information please read the FAQ. Thank you.